Hi, I'm Dexter. I'm a full time musician, instructor, producer, and worship leader. I grew up in Manila, Philippines then move to Los Angeles, California to be with my family. I graduated from Notre Dame De Namur University as a Major in Piano and Violin Performance. From there I moved to Nashville, Tennessee and worked with some of the best songwriters, bands, artists, and producers. Many of my songs were recorded by Embassy Music artists, one of which is Here In Your Presence produced by two-time Dove Award Winning recipient, Kene Bell and recorded by Robert Mauti, featuring Rachael Lampa and John Katina. This song was played on radio stations all over the Nation. I've also worked with independent artists that provided their own funds. My passion is to help you, as an artist regardless of your age achieve your goals and dreams. To inspire and pursue the musician inside of you. To develop musically servant leaders in excellence. Whether it be making records, instructing someone how to play an instrument, or simply teaching music theory. 


"...God's anointing is certainly 

on you." 

- Chris Clark 

(CEO, Switchdesk, Musician, Writer, Producer)



"...he's one of the most talented musicians 

I've met." 

- Sarah DeLane (Missionary, Worship Leader, Artist)



"...he sings out his prayer. He brought a beautiful sense of faith and expression through music at Notre Dame De Namur University. He's initiated evenings of worship for all denominations - we've not had that before." 

- Roseann Murphy (Instructor)



"...your music is real. That's real." 

- (Student)



"...the best instructor in Tennessee!" 

- Jessica Ford (Artist, Vocal Instructor)



"...you have a humble and sweet spirit, and musically talented..." 

- Elvin Ross (Music Director, Gospel Dream)



"...his music is transporting me. Dexter reaches people." 

- Jeanne Gallagher (Librarian)



"...he reminded me of how much I missed music at the conservatory, because of his attention to detail and constant practice. He was a touch of the east coast..." 

- Cole Grissom (Artist)



"...our worship has been made so rich! 

- Tom Splain (Minister)



"...his music changed and influenced me...it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever heard. 

- Katelyn Gilliam (Student)



"...Dexter is such an amazing individual who not only has an amazing heart but is completely dedicated to his music." 

- Patricia Urbano (Artist, Instructor)



"...he has been an inspiration to me...someone with power enough to truly change the world." 

- Rachel Brunson (Student)



"...he's grown as a musician in so many ways, both technically and musically. He's developed his own style...has a very unique approach and individual sound." 

- Dr. Michael Schmitz (Dean of Music, Pianist, Notre Dame De Namur University)